7pm | TFN Bible Study @ Business Building 163-1004


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    Year End TFN

    What a year it’s been!  For our year end TFN we joined with our sister chapter, Riverside, for a joint bible study...

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    5K-10K For Missions

    On your marks! Get set! Goooooo! Today, we joined up with our peeps at A2F UCR for a 5k/10k run to fundraise for our mis...

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    Sister Night at Riverside

    Last Friday, we got to join our friends at Riverside for a fun sister’s night! Hosted by the junior sisters at Riv...

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    CPP and UCR Freshmen joined together for a 1 day retreat where Pastor Steve and Eunice taught and encouraged us, people ...


Welcome to A2F. We stumbled on a home-away-from-home, a place where we learn that the Bible is relevant and personal, and the claims of God are not mere stories but personal realities. We meet as a group, usually on Fridays, to go through the Bible and learn what it says about our lives. We eat good food, have fun together, and have times to answer timeless questions while building up a sense of family in our group.

Don’t let four years slip by without stopping by. See you there!

Bible Study


For TFN (The Friday Night), we start off with a home-cooked meal, followed by a study of the Bible. Whether you’ve grown up in church or have never seriously looked into Christianity, we believe college is the best time to discover the word of God as reliable and of utmost importance and relevance to our lives.

Life Groups


In a Life Group, you’ll find other students you can build relationships with and learn about God’s purpose for us in a small group setting. You can think of Life Group as a second home where you can be yourself around friends and get recharged by God’s word…and maybe some ice cream, too.



College can be a time where we experience many different challenges. It can be tough doing it alone, but here at A2F we try to live out the community described in Acts 2: living life together, sharing ups and downs, and hanging out in each other’s homes.  Life can be tough, so don’t go through it alone – come share life with us!

Contact us to find out how to join!